A multi-component, school-based intervention to increase physical activity for boys and girls with obesity/overweight, ages 10-12, resulted in significant changes in almost all targeted variables, reports the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health.
Older adults who walk regularly for exercise may increase their ability to walk by adding some cycling into their lives, according to a new study published in the Journal of Aging and Physical Activity.
As the health care system moves toward greater reliance on wearables for health-related data, researchers are raising alarm about the ability of some wearables to provide accurate data for people with darker skin tone.
Health coaching led to "clinically significant weight loss at 24 months" as part of a high-intensity, lifestyle-based obesity treatment program addressing an underserved primary care population, according to a promising study published by the New England Journal...
In this edition of the Activist In Motion Interview Series, we have the pleasure of spending 8 Great Minutes with Tiffany Copeland, Manager of the Fitness Warriors program created by Sports Backers of Richmond, VA.
An intervention focused on gardening and physical activity for third-graders attending Title I schools achieved some success, but the data showed no changes in vegetable consumption, no increase in moderate to vigorous physical activity, and no decrease...
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