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8 Great Minutes with Roger Isom, Jr. – Founder of Walktime Books


The “8 Great Minutes” series returns with a conversation featuring one of the most creative, thoughtful, and insightful minds in the field of physical activity promotion. As the Founder of Walktime Books, Roger Isom, Jr. aims to help readers walk into a world that empowers them to reimagine physical activity as an expression of their individuality, culture, and community. Please enjoy this brief and delightful peak into Roger’s groundbreaking vision for Walktime Books and consider supporting the launch of his first children’s book, “A Walk Through Memory Lane,” on Kickstarter.

8 Great Minutes with Dr. Annina Burns, Founder of Simplina

Founder of Simplina

As we all continue to expand our knowledge about the far-reaching benefits of regular exercise – and the complex relationship to behavior change science – I believe you will be fascinated by our special guest on the next edition of The Activist In Motion Interview Series, Dr. Annina Burns. Annina is the founder of Simplina, which uses functional medicine, including exercise and behavior change theory, to optimize fertility odds at a cost that is accessible and affordable for typical household budgets. With a doctorate from Oxford University, Annina is the first Ph.D./RD in the nation to be certified in Functional Medicine from the Institute for Functional Medicine.

So, please pour yourself a beverage of choice and enjoy 8 Great Minutes with the brilliant and fascinating Dr. Annina Burns!

And, THEN…you can register HERE to hear more from Dr. Annina in an upcoming webinar titled, “Men Matter: Improving Male Fertility With Advanced Testing, Functional Medicine & Nutrition Solutions.

8 Great Minutes With Noah Hastay, Founder of Fit For All

I am delighted to share the latest edition of the “8 Great Minutes…” series, which features a wonderfully inspiring conversation with Noah Hastay, the founder of Fit For All.

Based in Gainesville, FL at the legendary Gainesville Health & Fitness, the mission of Fit For All is to eliminate all barriers keeping individuals with special needs from living the fitness lifestyle they need.

We cover how he got started, the impact of the program, his goals for the future, his favorite Fit For All story, what gives him hope, and more…all in 8 minutes! (plus a coda…so it’s a little more than 8 minutes…but totally worth the extra time)

Noah is a true Activist In Motion!

8 Great Minutes with Tiffany Copeland, Manager for the Fitness Warriors of Richmond, VA

In this edition of the Activist In Motion Interview Series, we have the pleasure of spending 8 Great Minutes with Tiffany Copeland, Manager of the Fitness Warriors program created by Sports Backers of Richmond, VA.

The Fitness Warriors program trains area residents who have talent, passion, and potential to be professional fitness instructors for Richmond’s communities with the highest rates of chronic disease.

What makes a great Fitness Warrior? “A passion for fitness and a heart for the community.” And that’s also a pretty wonderful definition of a true Activist In Motion – the Fitness Warriors amaze me.

So, please, pour yourself a fresh cup of coffee or tea, or whatever beverage fits the moment, and enjoy 8(ish) great/inspiring/joyful minutes with the absolutely delightful manager of the Fitness Warriors, Tiffany Copeland.

8 Great Minutes with Adam Mejerson, Executive Director of FitLot

Adam Mejerson, Founder & Executive Director of FitLot

I am thrilled to announce that our latest guest on The Activist In Motion Interview Series is Adam Mejerson, the Founder and Executive Director of FitLot. FitLot helps communities plan, build, and activate outdoor fitness parks so everyone can enjoy the benefits of a more active lifestyle. Adam and the team started with a dream to help revitalize New Orleans and now they are on track to build a FitLot in every state. I have a very good feeling that they are just getting started…

So, please, pour a fresh cup of coffee or tea, sit back, and enjoy 8 Great Minutes with Adam Mejerson and the inspiring story of FitLot.

The First 100 Days: A 10-Point Policy Plan for the Biden Administration and Congress to Increase Physical Activity

flag of america
Photo by Sharefaith on Pexels.com

Among the crises facing the Biden Administration, the collective health of the nation may be the most complex and enduring.

We are eating too much and moving too little. We are depressed, stressed, and both physically and emotionally isolated from people we care about. Many of us are painfully lonely.  As a result, preventable chronic diseases, like obesity and diabetes, are metastasizing across the land and the physiological consequences of sedentary behavior are taking root. 

In this blog post published by my friends at Integrity Square, I offer a 10-Point Policy Action Plan to increase physical activity, support the HALO (Health, Active Living, and Outdoors) Sector, and begin to heal the unhealthy state of our union.

Please take a look and let me know what you think. What did I miss? What else can be done?

8 Great Minutes with Katie Heggtveit, Founder of Bootcamps for Change

I am so pleased to share the latest edition of The Activist In Motion Interview Series, featuring Katie Heggtveit. As the Founder and Director of Impact at Bootcamps for Change, Katie is a true Activist In Motion, using fitness to facilitate in-shelter health and employment programs for at-risk youth in Canada (and, hopefully soon…worldwide). I know you will be inspired by Katie’s vision and the wonderful work of Bootcamps for Change. Can fitness help break the cycle of poverty? Pour a fresh cup of coffee and watch the video to find out (spoiler alert: yes!).

In 2021: Pete Moore Makes A Bet On Bricks & Mortar

several kettlebells on metal bar in gym
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

Loved this post from Pete Moore of Integrity Square. It’s not only a passionate rebuttal to all those who predict the death and demise of the brick and mortar fitness industry, it’s also a very real bet on the ingenuity of club operators and the value of the in-person experience. Please read and share with any of your weary brick and mortar friends/colleagues who could use a reminder about the power and greatness of their profession.

8 Great Minutes (plus a cool down) With Sabrena Jo of the American Council on Exercise

Our latest guest on The Activist In Motion Interview Series is the one and only, Sabrena Jo, Director of Science & Research for the American Council on Exercise. We talked about her role as a gatekeeper for current, evidence-based science; the industry-transforming ACE Mover Method; the “ACE ABC Approach” to behavior change; what will change the world; and (my favorite part) what keeps her inspired in her career. Come for the big ideas, stay for her sense of humor (the “cool down section”). You will want to know Sabrena Jo!  

The Activist In Motion Interview Series – Sabrena Jo, Director of Science & Research for the American Council on Exercise

8 Great Minutes with Dr. Amy Bantham

I had the honor and pleasure of interviewing Dr. Amy Bantham, one of the most compelling and forward-thinking individuals in the fitness industry, for the very first edition of The Activist In Motion Interview Series. We covered several topics in just a handful of minutes, such as her interest in health and fitness, her mission at Move to Live More, the challenges of breaking down silos across sectors, and what brings her hope. So, please, pour yourself a cup of coffee, tea, or whatever beverage fits the moment, and enjoy 8 great minutes with Dr. Amy Bantham. 

The Activist In Motion invites you to spend 8 great minutes with Dr. Amy Bantham, the Founder/CEO of Move to Live More

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