Physical activity may reduce suffering from asthma in as few as eight weeks, according to a study published in Chest Journal.

The study, structured as a randomized control trial, compared two groups of asthma sufferers. The control group received standard care and disease-specific education, while the intervention group received additional care in the form of an 8-week behavior change intervention to increase physical activity.

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The study found that the behavior change intervention “produced improvements in asthma clinical control, sedentary time, sleep quality and anxiety symptoms.”

Moreover, an increase in moderate-intensity physical activity was associated with greater asthma control.

Why It Matters

The study suggests that asthma complications may be reduced through physical activity in as few as eight weeks. It also underscores the importance of referrals to behavior change interventions. More research is necessary to determine how often asthma sufferers are referred to interventions by their providers, and whether such interventions are affordable and accessible for those who would benefit.