An open letter to the fitness industry from Fit 4 Us serves as a powerful call to action to support Black fitness professionals and underserved communities.

The letter highlights three troubling statistics that provide context to the urgency of the issue:

1. Predominantly Black populated areas are less likely to have a gym and recreational center. 

2. Marginalized income areas are 4.5x less likely to have a recreational facility.

3. 94% of the nation’s majority African American counties are food insecure.

Two major problems are: The social and structural inequities specific to the Black community and fitness industry leaders not investing in the holistic health of Black people in America.

– Open Letter to the Fitness Industry, Fit 4 Us

The letter also demands the prioritization of tangible actions related to Inclusion & Support, Hiring & Employment Practices, the Amplification of Black Voices, and Social and Structural Inequalities.

Read the letter here.

Why It Matters

In addition to the moral imperative of pursuing social justice and equality, for the fitness industry to rise to its potential as an integral piece of the healthcare system, and a respected partner of the public health community for eliminating health disparities, it must function in active solidarity to support Black fitness professionals and underserved communities.