Office workers with minimal sitting time during the workday are likely to report higher levels of energy and greater job satisfaction than their sedentary peers, according to a study from the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health.

The study also found that higher rates of sedentary behavior (i.e. sitting) were NOT linked to higher rates of productivity.

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“As researchers and public health professionals engage with employers to promote reductions in sedentary behavior in office workers, these data offer promising support that less sitting time is associated with positive outcomes that do not seem to come at the expense of productivity,” noted the authors.

Why It Matters

Sedentary behavior and long periods of sitting are traditional customs of the office environment. Many employers and bosses resist efforts to reduce sedentary behavior because of a widespread belief that longer periods of sitting at a desk lead to higher productivity. This study suggests that savvy employers and supervisors should encourage movement throughout the workday to increase energy levels (which also increases creativity, but that’s a post for another day) and job satisfaction, while not sacrificing productivity.

Important Note: Employees with a disability that prevents them from standing or walking should still be afforded opportunities to be active throughout the day for all the reasons cited above.