Founder of Simplina

As we all continue to expand our knowledge about the far-reaching benefits of regular exercise – and the complex relationship to behavior change science – I believe you will be fascinated by our special guest on the next edition of The Activist In Motion Interview Series, Dr. Annina Burns. Annina is the founder of Simplina, which uses functional medicine, including exercise and behavior change theory, to optimize fertility odds at a cost that is accessible and affordable for typical household budgets. With a doctorate from Oxford University, Annina is the first Ph.D./RD in the nation to be certified in Functional Medicine from the Institute for Functional Medicine.

So, please pour yourself a beverage of choice and enjoy 8 Great Minutes with the brilliant and fascinating Dr. Annina Burns!

And, THEN…you can register HERE to hear more from Dr. Annina in an upcoming webinar titled, “Men Matter: Improving Male Fertility With Advanced Testing, Functional Medicine & Nutrition Solutions.